Calling for Entries and Submissions

I love to shine the light on undiscovered talent. Filmmakers and photographers doing great work that I think can inspire and educate not only my readers, but me as well. Over the past few weeks I’ve had a number of people tweeting or emailing me their videos to watch (and every day I get someone sharing a video with me via Vimeo).

Since you all seem to be itching to get seen, and since I love revealing amazing talent, there seems to be a good fit. So I’ve formally created a section on this site where you can submit your work.

What I’m Looking For

Every month I get tens of thousands of pages served to filmmakers and photographers looking for inspiration. I want to give that to them, but I’m not just hear to curate. I want to educate as well. You may have a breathtakingly beautiful, technically accurate wedding film, but I’ve seen hundreds of those. What I want to know is, “what makes yours different?” What will Dare Dreamer Magazine readers gain from watching your submission over the thousands of other films and videos out there? Is there something about how you made it that was different? Does your film go against the grain? Does it make an important social commentary worth blogging about? That’s the kind of content I’m looking for.

So, if you think your film has got what it takes, then head on over to my Submit Your Film page and show me your goods.