Brett Culp on Crossing the 180

We continue our series on personal work with an interview of a man who’s been a role model of mine for ten years: Brett Culp of Brett Culp Films. When I first hit the event video scene ten years ago, Brett and his company were the cat’s meow of the wedding and event video world. They won multiple WEVA Creative Excellence Awards each year, had standing room only audiences for their presentations, and Brett always had a crowd 3-5 people deep surrounding him whenever he gave a talk. He still does a few event films each year for a very elite clientele, but much of his work nowadays is commercial work for corporations and non-profits.

Oh, and he’s making a documentary about Batman! Yeah, Batman. The documentary is called “Legends of the Knight” and it will look at the stories of people whose lives have been touched by the story of Batman.

This is what my co-producer Dan Rollins, had to tell me about this episode as he was editing it:

Holy crap. 3/4 of the way thru now and I think every filmmaker MUST listen to this one! His talk about finding what you love and letting that drive you, then doing the personal work to keep the passion alive… this will hit the noob like me as a warning to avoid burnout and to the vets who may have dug a rut and just collect paychecks. Man is this good!

So there you have it!

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While his portfolio of work is diverse, his mission is consistent:  helping people create connections through the power of storytelling. He works from concept-to-completion on each film, developing the ideas, assembling the creative team, & delivering a finished production to the client.  In every project, he is part filmmaker/part consultant/part therapist. His distinctive approach to filmmaking has attracted a client list that includes Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, royalty, professional athletes, best-selling authors, and rock stars. Brett’s work has been featured in national programs on NBC, CBS, Lifetime, Food Network, and WEtv.  He has been a celebrity expert on Entertainment Tonight and US Weekly.  He has been included in EventDV magazine’s “Top 25″ two years in a row. The newest edition of the college textbook “Documentary Storytelling” devotes an entire chapter to Brett’s unique production style.

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This week Mike Duval is back from LensProToGo talking about electronic viewfinders.

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Triple Scoop Music CEO Roy Ashen is back again this week talking about the difference between ASCAP and BMI.

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  1. This interview really made me mad!! 🙂 You need to listen to it to get that meaning. Very inspring! And again I’ll say that ALL filmmakers.. I’ll even say, all career artists should listen to this. Brett’s insight about keeping your heart in the game will apply to ANYONE who does what they love to do.. I love telling stories and I fight sometimes to not allow collecting a paycheck get in the way of enjoying art. Great show. Cheers – Dan Rollins

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