Best Wedding Highlights EVER!

This is by far the BEST wedding highlights video I’ve seen in my ten years as a professional video producer. The video speaks for itself, but here are the three reasons I give it top honors:

  1. Quality: The clarity of the imagery is gorgeous. No doubt because it was shot in 4K with a RED Scarlet. (Yes, you heard me, a Scarlet). I also love the fluid motion moves.
  2. Unique: So many wedding highlights look and sound alike (e.g. swish pan to rings situated in postions you’d never see a ring; ecclectic, indie-sounding music track; super shallow depth of field for every shot; voice overs from ceremony during pre-ceremony; etc.) This video has none of that! And it’s such a breath of fresh air!
  3. Takes a risk: I love that the filmmaker takes a risk with an ending you don’t expect in most wedding films. After you watch it, don’t spoil it!

Tomorrow I will have a guest blog post by the filmmaker who made it, including why they chose the Scarlet. But for now, enjoy and be inspired to step out of your comfort zone and do something different. 😉

Editors note: the number of people who did not get that this was a joke is too high. Sorry for the confusion. This is NOT a real highlights. (It’s crazy that I even have to explain this). I called it a highlights simply to go along with the joke. It’s a commercial made to start out as a highlights. Tune in tomorrow for a full account of its making.

10 thoughts on “Best Wedding Highlights EVER!

  1. lol, funny! You got my hopes up I was expecting something amazing but alas I wouldn’t say it qualify’s as a wedding highlight at all. That’s clearly an advertisement which happened to be set around a wedding. They could have been more creative with their concept, you can do so many things with that. Title is a bit misleading.

  2. Very clever! But I’m also kinda confused if that is a commercial or a highlight? It’s the Mosquito Squad thing that throws in the question mark. Either way, it’s very well done.
    You gotta admit, Ron, if you didn’t preface this as a wedding highlight 99.9% of anyone looking at it would perceive it as a commercial.

  3. Good Grief! Ron, I’ve always found your satire to be extremely entertaining as well as provocative to engage us in such a way to “Question Ourselves”… A call to action if you will… Please tell me that the twitter “Drama” I’m reading is P. just pushing your buttons and having a little fun…?

    1. First, thanks so much for your kind words. I do strive for that.

      And no, the twitter drama isn’t P. pushing buttons. 🙂 I got numerous tweets from various peeps not “getting it”. Some people were telling me on twitter that it’s not a wedding video but a commercial about bugs. I have a theory as to what happened that I will share tomorrow with the follow up.

      I’m glad at least one person got it. 😉

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