Shawn Reeder Makes it to Crossing the 180

Three years ago I mentored a photographer friend of mine in the art of filmmaking. He has “purchased” my time as part of an auction to raise money for Thirst Relief. Little did I know that three years later my filmmaking mentee would be a guest on my show sharing his filmmaking experience with my audience. That photographer was Shawn Reeder.

Shawn is somewhat of a Renaissance man. Photographer. Filmmaker. Musician. Poet. Mountain climber. I knew he “made it” as a filmmaker when his beautiful timelapse film “Yosemite: Range of Light” was blogged by Philip Bloom as “one of the most beautiful timelapses he’s ever seen.” Now, in just over three weeks, this personal project of Shawn’s has garnered over 1,000,000 views between Vimeo, YouTube and MSN (over 680,000 on Vimeo alone). Let’s find out how Shawn’s journey in filmmaking began, and where it’s going to take him. As we continue our series on the power of personal work.

Tips, Tricks and Education for Filmmakers

This week Mike Duval is back from LensProToGo talking about Lensbaby lenses?

Don’t forget to check out Letus, makers of DP Shane Hurlbut’s Master Cinema Series.

Triple Scoop Music CEO Roy Ashen talking about using music in short films.

Triple Scoop Music is also offering a discount on your next purchase. You gotta listen to the episode to find out the code.

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The promo video I produced about Shawn to which we refer in the podcast.

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