VJ Mike Relm on Crossing the 180

Today we have one of the coolest guests every. VJ Mike Relm is a whiz at the “mash-up” and remix video. The remix he did of the “Iron Man 2” trailer got him a “call” from director Jon Favreau himself to officially make one for the movie. Other studios have paid him to do the same. So essentially, Mike has begun to eek out a living for himself by taking other people’s copyright material and playing with it. He’s done work for a number of the big studios and has even gone on tour with Blue Man Group. Crazy man! In this episode we talk about Mike’s unique career and we learn some valuable YouTube tips as well.


San Francisco’s MIKE RELM is best known for his audio and video mash-ups, in his live concerts and broadcast work. Part director, part electronic music producer, Relm has introduced the world to a style that truly echoes the fever-pitched pace of modern entertainment while paying homage to classic filmmakers and musicians.

Tips, Tricks and Education for Filmmakers

This week Mike Duval from LensProToGo talks about getting a good white balance.

Don’t forget to check out Letus, makers of DP Shane Hurlbut’s Master Cinema Series.

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