The Top 5 Reasons NOT to Hire a Wedding Videographer

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The top 5 reasons NOT to hire a wedding videographer:

#5 – Your health: the sheer beauty, majesty and emotion of a well-crafted wedding film may be so powerful that your heart may explode. That would not be good.

#4 – The economy. A well crafted wedding film where you can hear your vows and toasts beautifully recorded may save yours and many more marriages thereby putting thousands of divorce attorneys out of business which could have a devastating effect on the economy. Do you really want that on your shoulders?

#3 – Your friendships. Once your bridesmaids and matron of honor (who neglected to get wedding videography) see your kick ass wedding video they’ll inevitably be jealous, hate you for it, and never talk to you again.

#2 – Buyers remorse. The beauty and artistry of a well-crafted wedding film will make everything else you paid for on your wedding day pale in comparison. No matter how much you invested in your wedding film, you’ll wish you invested more.

And the #1 reason you should NOT get wedding video…

You may go blind by the cinematic awesomeness!

15 thoughts on “The Top 5 Reasons NOT to Hire a Wedding Videographer

  1. To bad most videographers are stuck in the 90’s and not producing the type of work your describing. Apparently they also know that and have really thin skin.

  2. Oh you have no idea how badly I want to post on “emilie inc’s” precious photography blog with some insulting comments… perhaps I’ll be civilized for now. What I should say is that when I hear there is a photographer at a wedding (or 3, like the last one I did) I think the same way, why are these photographers standing in front of my video camera, why are… okay, I’ll stop now.

  3. Thanks Ron… #4 is just so accurate and I express this to my clients. To be able to hear the vows that were professionally captured with all its acoustical presence and fidelity (unlike “family friend with camcorder”) and that cinema film look captured with todays dSLR and S35mm video cameras like the RED and FS100…it really can bring back that rush of feelings on that day and remind couples what they swore on that day. I told a friend of mine two years ago that the nature of wedding services provided by photographer and videographers were going to see a major shift and the “holier than thou” photogs were not going to like what will transpire… the resurgence and increased desire for wedding video in a cinematic style. What once was regulated to a finish copy on a low resolution VHS tape or DVD stuck the bride’s and immediate family shelf is now in vivid HD sharing with 100s and even 1000s of admirers across the internet, smartphones, and Blu-ray. I’m being constantly reminded of Tonaci Tran being one of the first to shoot a wedding on the RED Epic and notating, ” that by shooting on the Epic, it eliminated the need to shoot stills separately.”

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