Crossing the 180 Podcast Updates

Editor’s note: it’s a lot easier working from BEHIND the camera than in front. Hats off to all you “in front of camera talent” out there who do this thing all the time.

Save on Licenses from The Music Bed

I’m excited to announce the latest sponsor to the Crossing the 180 podcast family: The Music Bed. Many of you already know of them as their songs are being prominently featured in the work of some of the biggest names in the event filmmaking scene.

While supplies last, for every $50 you donate to the show, you can get a TMB music license worth $79: usable up to five wedding and event copies (or one Non-profit copy) with perpetual streaming online, or DVD NFR use. (While supplies last and limited to three per person, i.e. $50 to $99 gets you one license; $100 to $149 will get you two licenses; $150 or more will get you three licenses).

Click here to make a contribution to the show.

New iTunes Post Day

Starting next week, new episodes will post to iTunes on Wednesday (Thursday at the latest). I know many of you like to listen to the show while making those long drives to a weekend shoot. This will give you plenty of time download and add them to your MP3 players for you trips. We’ll still blog about the show on Friday. So it pays to subscribe. Just remember¬†

Spread the Love

If you like the show, please be sure to leave a comment in iTunes. That helps us get found by other filmmakers. Also, tell a friend.

New Antics and Segments

The show is already chock full of great content. First the interviews are inspiring. Second, the sponsor segments are educational. Mike Duval from LensProToGo has been KILLING IT with their segments. We’ve covered everything from lens choice, to C300 tips, ND filters, lens glare, color profiles, and much, much more. We hope to bring some additional great info with the Music Bed segments, and it won’t just be about music. TMB co-founder Daniel McCarthy was an event videographer before starting TMB, so he can bring insightful and well-informed education for you filmmakers out there.

But I also plan to add some more “fun.” Still working out the specifics, but I want the show to be something that will inspire, educate and entertain.

Coming Soon

Next week will be episode 75 with Zach Lipovsky, one of the five finalist from Spielberg’s reality TV filmmaking contest “On the Lot”. Then we’ll have music video filmmaker Kevin Otterness. After that, we’ll have the Duke and Duchess of digital filmmaking, Jon Connors and Cristina Valdivieso of Masters in Motion. Don’t miss ’em!

So spread the word, make a donation, and enjoy the show!

If there’s someone or something you’d like to see on the show, shoot me an email at

2 thoughts on “Crossing the 180 Podcast Updates

  1. Excited to see (hear) all of the new content. Crossing the 180 is inspirational and let’s you know you’re not the only crazy passionate filmmaker out there. It also takes away the idea or notion that filmmakers doing great work now are somehow better than those on the come up. We all started somewhere and we’ve all made mistakes along the way that have made us great.

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words Jude, and for listening to the show! Your points are dead on. It’s great to hear where these guys have come from. Hopefully it give inspiration to others that they can do it too!

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