Get ’em While They’re Young: Pinterest Wedding Planners

In the U.S., only 51% of Americans that are 18 and older are married. In fact, there was a five percent drop for new marriages between 2009 and 2010. The marriage age has also increased; the median age now being 26.5 for women and 28.7 for men.

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But what about all those little girls who begin planning their weddings in elementary school? They haven’t gone away. Dress up games still include tea parties, make up stations, mommy’s high heels, and of course, a marriage ceremony. But how many high school and middle school girl’s do you see playing such games? Zero.

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Well, maybe not quite zero. Dress up games are for little girls, but the dream of Prince Charming and fluffy dresses never died. As the girls got older, they just chose a more sophisticated game: Pinterest! It seems that the age for wedding planners has actually decreased.

College freshman have whole boards devoted to that fateful day! But it’s not just college girls; middle school and high school girls are oohing and ahhing over the little cakes and romantic photo shoots, over what could potentially be your images.

This is your shot! Do like Disney and get ’em while they’re young! You now have the unique opportunity to advertise your work to girls before they’re even thinking about money. As a photographer, they aren’t concerned with how much you cost! They care about the quality and beauty of the images that you (should!) have up all over Pinterest.

When the real wedding date comes, these girls will be much more likely to pick you if they’ve been dreaming about the events that your photographs captured. They’ve already been exposed to your brand and your art. Their standards have been raised; they will already have images in their head of what a “real” wedding is supposed to look like. Therefore, they’re less likely to be willing to settle for less than some resemblance to their dreams!

Imahni Dawson is a writer and musician, with a great passion for Jesus, learning, and helping others reach their full potential.

10 thoughts on “Get ’em While They’re Young: Pinterest Wedding Planners

  1. I find Pinterest very useful for several reasons. First, it’s a great plqce to spot early color palate trends for seniors, maternity and newborn. Next, as you point out, many women, even those not actually planning a wedding, have created wedding pinboards. Without violating more than a few privacy issues, I’m not sure you could data mine for customers, but you can at least see what potential customers are getting excited about.

    I did find a tool whose name escapes me that scans photos and spits out a color palate report. The combination of Pinterest and the color palates helps me design and choose my templates and marketing collateral. It also helps identify clothing color palates.

    Being a guy without a large number of women friends to research with, Pinterest is an invaluable resource.

    1. Wow. Great points! I never thought much about the color palate trends that Pinterest shows but you’re absolutely right.

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  3. Start them when they’re young. haha!
    Good one. I’ll be a fat old man by the time they grow up.
    But, this is good advice, Pinterest is a great marketing tool. When I place my Wedding work up, a few minutes in and it’s been re-pinned! Too bad this isn’t as big in Australia yet.

  4. This is a nice article. Can you please provide some research basis to back up your points? Or is this an opinion piece, I’m confused. Are you a co-ordinator (and I don’t mean that rhetorically….I’m serious). Please elaborate, because I like your ideas.

    1. Thank you! For the beginning statistics, I googled recent studies done on marriage and found some really great articles that provided the information I used.
      The ideas presented about Pinterest are based on personal observation. I know a lot of young women and girls who use Pinterest to create boards for their future wedding. Girls have long been planning their weddings at young ages, but with the recent popularity of Pinterest, they’ve found a new outlet. You can find many articles on the quick rise of Pinterest through google, if you’d like to delve a little deeper.
      I am not a co-ordinator, btw. I’m just a careful observer with access to the habits of the younger generation. 🙂

  5. I’m finding that Pinterest is a great way to organize ideas, products, etc. For instance, the whole time I was planning/building my new green screen studio, I researched a ton on Pinterest related to products, other studios, etc. and organized them all on one page. Very cool to have a large visual space to see how it can all come together!

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