Matthew Robertson: Filmmaker with Over 30 Million Views (X180-078)

His videos have over 20 million views. They have been spoofed and attacked due to their provocative content. His email is blowing up because of it. He has so much work coming in, he dropped out of school. Yeah…school. He’s only 20!

This week on the show we have Matthew Robertson of CIK Productions. He’s the videographer behind the now famous/infamous poet Jefferson Bethke. Although in truth it’s probably Jefferson’s content that is driving the views and the controversy (his “Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus” video has nearly 22 millions views), Matthew’s edgy camera work, high production value and creative styling has played a huge role in their success. Matthew shares how it all started, about his workflow, making provocative content, dealing with so many views, how the exposure has affected his career, shooting with the GH2, and the power of this medium to share ideas.

This show is co-produced by Dan Rollins of LiveWire Films.

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Tips, Tricks and Education for Filmmakers

This week Mike Duval from LensProToGo talks about effective ways for using shotgun mics.

This week Daniel McCarthy of “The Music Bed” talks about their film series “The Music Bed Presents”. And this week’s TMB featured song and artist is “Fear Thou Not” by Jenny & Tyler.

Don’t forget to check out Letus, makers of DP Shane Hurlbut’s Master Cinema Series.

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  1. Great post! I recently started a blog, and it will be all about film-making, photography, and travel. I’ll be working as a freelance editor in Germany next year (moving from Atlanta, Georgia to Berlin for a year). Feel free to comment and follow mine! I actually saw this video before this blog to prove just how popular it is!

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