Carl Olson of The Digital Film Podcast (x180-089)

Today’s guest is a fellow podcaster, producer, business man and all around nice guy. He is the one, the only, Carl Olson of the Digital Convergence Podcast. It’s about time I go quid pro quo with Carl (I’ve been a guest on his show a number of times). As you can tell from the length, Carl and I had a lot to talk about. He tells us about the evolution of his show (which, like mine, interviews top names in filmmaking and video production) and he has some great input into the business side of the craft, including his input on how to create a video product you can sell. Trust me. You won’t be sorry if you listen to every, juicy minute.

This show is co-produced by Dan Rollins of LiveWire Films.

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Tips, Tricks and Education for Filmmakers

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Q from Revolution Cinema Rentals (formerly Hurlbut Visuals) is back to share his experience working in Hollywood.. Today he talks about Look-up Tables (LUTs) and how they’re used. Don’t forget to check out Letus, makers of Shane Hurlbut’s Master Cinema Series.

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  1. The reason Gale Tattersal couldn’t mention Canon on Carl’s show had to do with the fact that HOUSE was sponsored by Panasonic – and it was a ‘conflict’ to be talking about Canon so much.

    Ron, keep up the great work!

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