Is it Film, Digital or Both? A Contest.

canon_16mm-t2iLast week I posted a “16mm” film of a trip to Paris. Or was it 16mm? Truth be told, the video may or may not be all 16mm film. It’s part of an experiment I’m running to see how close to the look of film can you make digital. As part of the experiment, I’m partnering with the Digital Convergence Podcast to run a contest to see who can guess what percentage of the film (if any) is digital. Here’s how it works.

Three Winners Will Be Chosen

Take the poll below and vote. ONE of the selections is accurate. Three winners will randomly be chosen from the group of people who get the right answer. CrumplePop has graciously offered three copies of their film effects plugin Red Giant Retrograde by CrumplePop to those winners (a $49 value).


As a reminder, here’s the video again:

Now take the poll and see if you can win. You have until midnight EST on Friday, January 11. Good luck!

  1. Make your selection by clicking on the radio button. MAKE SURE YOU ACTUALLY VOTE. DON’T JUST LEAVE A COMMENT.
  2. In the POLL comments you MUST indicate what your vote was. Be sure to add your name and email so we can contact you if you win. (This will only be used for contacting you. Your name and email will NOT be added to any list. Your comments will not be able to be seen by other poll takers). I repeat, you must include in the comments what your vote was. That is the only way to connect a vote to a name.

Click here to take the poll.

(P.S. I know one or two of you out there knows how many shots are 16mm. Sorry, you do not qualify for the contest. And don’t go telling your friends and having them vote. You’re on the honor system.)

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