Best of Crossing the 180 – Part 1

x180-bestof1-revOver the past three years I’ve had the pleasure to have some amazing guests on my podcast. Everyone from Vimeo superstars to Hollywood executives. I thought it would be fun to have a compilation of excerpts from some of my favorite episodes. So here I bring to you nine interviews that really stood out. As a bonus, I also include the funniest crank call pranks I’ve had on the show. (Some of you may remember my infamous prank calls from early last year. They’re hilarious).

This week on the show we have…

  • Kirby Ferguson of “Everything is a Remix”
  • Vincent Laforet
  • Ryan Connolly of Film Riot
  • Santino Stoner the writer/director of the famed Nooma series starring Rob Bell
  • Eliot Rausch, winner of the first ever Vimeo Film Festival

Next week on part 2 we’ll have…

  • Yolanda Cochran, head of production for Alcon Entertainment
  • Kristen Souder of Bliss Productions
  • Ray Roman, internationally renown wedding filmmaker, and
  • Patrick Moreau of Still Motion and Kevin Shahinian

I think you’re going to really enjoy these! Have fun.

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