Taking Risks with a Photographer’s Promo

Last year I had the honor to produce a promo video for Todd Nichols. He is a high-end wedding photographer (and ex model) out of Sun Valley, ID. I’ve done a ton of these videos and I’m always trying to make each one different, yet connected to my client’s brand. So from time to time (and with the client’s blessing of course) I take risks. I took two risks with Todd’s promo.

First, in the video Todd tells the story about a wedding he shot where the father of the bride read a letter to the bride from his deceased wife (who knew she would not be around for her daughter’s wedding). As soon as I heard that story, I knew I wanted to include it in the video somehow. The re-enactment took Todd’s promo to a whole new level. It was a risk because it could have come off cheesy. Or maybe it would be a downer to viewers. But I think we pulled it off in a way that really connects with viewers emotionally.

Second, we also did something else unique. Instead of shooting Todd with a client, we shot Todd with his own fiancé, Julie. In doing that we were able to show how and why Todd is able to connect with brides by showing how he connects with his own bride-to-be.

The result of these risks is a very personal and emotionally powerful promo that makes brides swoon! (Of course, Todd’s dashing good looks don’t hurt either!) His clients have raved about.

So, are you taking risks in the work you do?

3 thoughts on “Taking Risks with a Photographer’s Promo

  1. I wholeheartedly agree about stepping outside one’s comfort zone and pushing yourself. This, however, doesn’t feel risky. Watching the piece feels rather safe. I wouldn’t comment except i know you want honest feedback and you wrote about the topic of risk.

    I would look at how you’re shooting your piece, using your light, setting up your interviews, and getting your narrative across and ask yourself where you can really induce some risk beyond talking to the fiance of a wedding photographer (…hasn’t that been done for years).


    1. Thanks for visiting the blog P. And I appreciate the feedback. I will endeavor to do your suggestions. It’s funny because much of the idea of risk is relative. What might be risky for one filmmaker could be old hat for another.

      For instance, it may be risky for one filmmaker to use a certain type of music or to stick with one lens. Whereas another filmmaker may do those things all the time. In this case, my typical M.O. is to interview a client of the photographer. So it was very different for me to have the photographer talk about his fiance. In one way I see what you’re saying. It’s kind of like a love story video, which I’ve done a ton of (harkening back to my wedding days). But in another way, for me, it felt risky because I’ve never done a photog promo where the photog talked about HIS wedding.

      Anyway, thanks for reading. Always inspired by the work you guys do. It’s an honor to have you review my work.

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