Best of Crossing the 180 – Part 2

x180-bestof2This week  we have the second and final part of my “Best of…” series. There’s over an hour of great and inspirational content. Not to mention two of the funniest prank calls I’ve ever had.

This week on the show we have…

  • Yolanda Cochran, head of production for Alcon Entertainment talking about the business of Hollywood and if aspiring filmmakers should “sell out” got get in.
  • Kristen Souders of Bliss Productions gives insight into the status of women in the event video world.
  • Ray Roman, internationally renown wedding filmmaker, gives us his pricing recipe (you may want to take notes for that one), and
  • Patrick Moreau of Still Motion and Kevin Shahinian get drilled by me about gear and what it means to be a real “professional.” It’s a doozy.

As far as the prank calls go. Let me just say Motel 6 and Wal-Mart. 🙂

Future Episodes

We have more great episodes coming down the pike, including interviews with Miller Mobley, Salomon Ligthelm and Richard Harrington.

Another change you’ll notice once we resume regular programming is that shows will be released twice a month now instead  of every week.

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