Branding, Blogging and Building a Team

I’m Next Up On Expert Interrogations

My good friend and fellow video producer and business coach Kris Simmons has recently started a venture that is helping thousands of creative professionals run a successful business. It’s called KRE8 Insights and it provides a bountiful supply of real world business advice and resources to run a successful video business. One of their FREE resources is Expert Interrogations. It’s a 60 to 90 minute webinar with an expert from the video industry. After a brief intro by the expert, it essentially becomes a Q&A session on steroids.



You can ask any questions you like, but I’ll be driving the conversation towards questions related to:

  1. Branding: how do you develop a brand that sets you apart and allows you to charge what you’re worth.
  2. Blogging: blogging has come a  long way since the days of Blogger. How can you use blogging to boost your SEO, generate leads, and establish yourself as an expert.
  3. Building (at team): a key way to grow a small business is to build a trusted team. I’ll answer questions related to recruiting, hiring and training contractors; the pros and cons of contractors vs. employees; how to deal when contractors steal.

I hope you’ll join me tomorrow!

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