What Do You Desire?

This inspiration video and voice over by British philosopher Alan Watts poses a very intriguing and provocative question: what would you do in ┬álife if money were no object? Whatever that is, do that? Forget about the money. Why make a living doing what you don’t like doing just so you can live your entire life doing things you don’t like doing? Better to live a short life doing what you love than a long one doing what you don’t.

As artists striving to make a living out of our art, this is a question that drives us. Whether we know it or not. It’s the reason you quit that job to pursue your artistic endeavors. It’s the reason you decided to boldly go where you dared not go before. For many of you, it’s the reason you live month by month, barely making ends meet, because the alternative, despite possibly providing a “richer” income, will yield a poorer life.

Do you agree? Disagree?

What do you desire?

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