The Top Ten (Extra) Things Every DSLR Filmmaker Should Have in His Bag

pelican-case-ronBesides your camera, lens and primary audio gear, if you’re a DSLR filmmaker, you should also have…

  • Backup camera
  • Extra AA and AAA batteries
  • Extra camera batteries
  • Extra cards
  • Extra a/v cables
  • Battery charger
  • Backup mics
  • Pad and pen (I use a Moleskine)
  • Breath mints (Fresh breath is a priority in my life).
  • Business cards (note: if you’re an independent contractor working for another studio, you should not pass out your business cards while on a job for someone else.)
  • A loupe (e.g. Zacuto’s Z-Finder)
  • Card reader*
  • Portable hard drive*

Notice I had more than ten things? That’s because I always have extra.

What do you have in your  bag?

* I only bring a card reader and drive when I’m traveling and need to back up footage. I usually don’t take them on local gigs. But, it wouldn’t hurt to have them if you have the room.

9 thoughts on “The Top Ten (Extra) Things Every DSLR Filmmaker Should Have in His Bag

  1. always need a role of gaffa tape, neve know when you’d need to macguyver stuff together!

    1. Snap! Thats a great one! I often will pick up the chocolate, chocolate Harvest bars to put in my bag for a shoot. Let’s go ahead and add bottled water to the list. 🙂

  2. Loved your suggestions and the added ones from the comments. I’m a big fan of the food/water addition… I just hate being stuck at a gig and being starving! If I’m heading out for any decent amount of time I always take a small backup battery to charge my USB devices if needed (phone, etc.) or my computer for dumping content or charging things. I carry one of the cheap disposable rain camera covers… never know when it’s going to start misting or raining on an outdoor shoot.

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