The Filmmakers Behind C-The Movie on Crossing the 180 #98

vangorder-stockmeierIf you are a fan of sci-fi, today is the episode you DON’T want to miss. A few weeks ago C 299,720 km/s hit the internet and since then the filmmakers have been featured on, garnered a Vimeo Staff Pick, and also got featured on Daily Motion. The filmmakers behind it all are Derek Van Gorder (writer/director) and Otto Stockmeier (writer/producer). Besides the intriguing story and terrific storytelling, one of the aspects of this film that has people talking is that there is NO CGI. All the special effects are done the old-fashioned way, with model photography and large sets. Today on the show we learn how these two got into filmmaking and what prompted them to tackle such a B.H.A.G. of a film. They talk about their creative inspiration, the shooting of it, pr-production lessons learned, as well as how they successfully executed a Kickstarter campaign that earned TWICE the amount of money they were looking to raise. These two have by far have one of the most sophisticated and eclectic cinematic sensibilities I’ve ever had on the show. It was actually quite a breath of fresh air to hear them talk about the films and filmmakers that influenced them, as well as their take on contemporary cinema. I have no doubt you will be inspired by their passion and talent.

This show is co-produced by Dan Rollins of LiveWire Films. The music used in this week’s sponsor segments was “Pierce the Night” graciously provided by Clocks and Clouds from their album “The Creation of Matter.” Learn more about their unique fusion of classical music and rock instrumentals and They are a great source for indie filmmakers to get amazing and unique music for your productions.

Tips, Tricks and Education for Filmmakers

It’s always good to have Mike Duval from LensProToGo to give us some great filmmaking tips. Today he talks about steady devices.


If you want to effectively build any kind of a team (whether you hire contractors, interns or employees) you need to know about all the legal intricacies. Today Michelle Loretta of The People Plan is back and she’s talking about the pros and cons and legalities of hiring  INTERNS.

Don’t forget to check out Letus, makers of Shane Hurlbut’s Master Cinema Series.

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