Esquire Magazine Covers. Hmmm?

Sung to the tune of this old Sesame Street classic.

Two of these things are not like the others.

Which two are different, do you know?

Can you tell me which things are not like the others?

I’ll tell you if it is so.


A photo of all the latest Esquire Magazines at my local library. No commentary. No remarks. Just something to think about.

3 thoughts on “Esquire Magazine Covers. Hmmm?

  1. Bruce Willis and Clint Eastwood are much older than the rest of the pack.
    A more interesting thing to think about is they are all white. look at the news stands and see how many have a person of color on the magazine portraying beauty or power?

    this might be a skewed week because Kanye+Kim will be on some covers.

  2. • All the guys are wearing ties except Bruce Willis and Sean Penn.
    • Bruce and Clint are the only Republicans.
    • Only two of the covers feature the logo in a Red font.

    –Was there something else?

    …Oh yeah. The girls forgot to wear shirts. I guess they have no talent, ’cause they seem to feel a need to remove their clothes to be noticed. They’d be a lot more beautiful if they were spiritually reborn… then the beauty would shine from within.

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