Crumple Co-Founder Gabe Cheifetz – Crossing the 180 #102

Photo by Jefferson Graham, USA Today

Two years ago the NLE world was rocked to the core when Apple released Final Cut Pro X. It was a paradigmatic shift from not only Final Cut 7, but from all non-linear editors in general. Many FCP7 users cried “Foul.” People starting bailing left and right for other NLEs like Premiere Pro and Media Composer. But there were a few stalwarts who saw something special and took a chance. One such stalwart was the FCPX plugin developer CrumplePop. They wrote a blog post not long after the release of FCPX proclaiming their faith in the program and placing all their bets on it. They would become an exclusive FCPX developer.

Now two years later it would seem the gamble paid off. FCPX continues to grow and evolve, changing the hearts and minds of many of the doubters (me included). Every day there seems to be a new plugin developer popping up. And as far as CrumplePop is concerned? Well, today on the show we talk to co-founder and president Gabe Cheifetz to find out. Get an inside look at how this prominent developer got started, why and how they made the choices they did, and get his take on the future of the NLE landscape.

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Click here for a USA Today video and news piece on CrumplePop from about 1.5 years ago. Sounds like they’re doing pretty well.

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