Walter Biscardi on Crossing the 180 #103

walterbiscardiIt’s great when I get a chance to talk to a long-time veteran in the industry. Someone who harkens back to the day of 3/4″ tape and linear editing. Someone who’s stood the test of time in the film and video industry and has much success. Today on the show we have Walter Biscardi, of Biscardi Creative Media. Walter is a Creative Cow contributor, award-winning producer, founder of Atlanta Cutters, and has a thriving production business here in the Atlanta area. He tells us about how he got into the business, the evolution of non linear editing, his work producing original content, and his awesome production facilities.

The music used in this week’s sponsor segments is “The Final Battle” graciously provided by Clocks and Clouds from their album “Life Beyond Reason.” Learn more about their unique fusion of classical music and rock instrumentals and They are a great source for indie filmmakers to get amazing and unique music for your productions.

Tips, Tricks and Education for Filmmakers

Today Mike Duval from LensProToGo tells us about how and why to use ND filters.


Kelly Simants of Sage Wedding Pros and one of the developers of  The People Plan, talks to us today about the importance of networking and how to do it effectively.


And I’m excited to introduce a brand new series we’re running on the show. Patryk Kizny of DitoGear will be with us to talk about the amazing timelapse cinematography he does, how he does it, and his approach to cinematography. Whether or not you’re a timelapse filmmaker, you will find this “mini-seminar” a treasure trove of cinematic education. Be sure to check out their spotlight section for articles and inspiration on filmmaking techniques.

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