The Best Of Crossing the 180 Doc Filmmakers

Hey all you boys and girls out there in podcast land, today I have a very special episode for you. If you are passionate about documentary filmmaking, this is the episode for you. As a doc filmmaker myself, I found these interviews some my most inspiring over the past couple of years. I have put together segments from four of the most intriguing, inspiring and informative interviews with documentary filmmakers.

First we have Sarah Klein and Tom Mason of Red Glass Pictures (episode 72). They actually did a short documentary about the “king of documentary” filmmaking himself, Ken Burns. They talk how that all came about.


Then we have James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot (from episode 93). They shot a feature length, Sundance award-winning documentary on a 5D Mark II about the independent game industry called, Indie Game. This doc is filled with suspense, drama, comedy…all the tropes of a traditional fiction, but it’s all real. They talk about saying no to “Hollywood” and going down the path of DIY and digital distribution.


After that is the award-winning filmmaker Drea Cooper, half the filmmaking team behind “California is a Place” (episode 28) These films have racked up millions of views online and won Drea and his partner Zach Canepari world-wide fame. Your tech geeks will like this segment as he discusses how they shot and edited the California films. You’ll be surprised at what he reveals.


Last up we have the man behind the journalistic digital media powerhouse MediaStorm, Brian Storm himself (episode 80). Brian talks MediaStorm’s business model and why he “gives away the secret sauce” as he puts it.


I rarely listen to my own shows, but this is actually one episode I too will be tuning in to hear over again. I know you’re gonna love it.

Tips, Tricks and Education for Filmmakers

Today Mike Duval from LensProToGo tells us about how and why to use jibs.


Michelle Loretta of Sage Wedding Pros and one of the developers of  The People Plan, talks about how to deal with difficult employees..


This week we continue our series timelapse cinematography series with Patryk Kizny of DitoGear. Whether or not you’re a timelapse filmmaker, you will find this “mini-seminar” a treasure trove of cinematic education. This week Patrk talks about using motion control gear. Also be sure to check out their spotlight section for articles and inspiration on filmmaking techniques.

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