Hard Drives, Sparse Disks and FCPX – Bonus Crossing the 180

Fenwick's Sparse DisksToday I have a special bonus episode of the Crossing the 180. Our regularly scheduled programming will resume in a couple of weeks. And boy, do we have some great guests lined up.

In the Coming Weeks

I had a chance to interview StillMotion filmmaker and DP Joyce Tsang and I get some really great insight into how the team at StillMotion works and the secrets of their success. You won’t want to miss that.

I’ll also bring you an editors mini-series that includes an interview with a Pro Video Coalition blogger and veteran editor Scott Simmons. But even before that, we’ll kick off the series with my 2-part conversation with another veteran editor, educator and fellow podcaster, Chris Fenwick of DigitalCinemaCafe. Chris and I go in-depth into editing philosophies as they relate to client work. That is followed up with what I hope will be the end-all, be-all, definitive conversation to end any doubts anyone has about Final Cut Pro X’s viability as a powerful and PROFESSIONAL NLE. Ultimately, it may still not be the NLE for you, but after listening to this episode, it WON’T be because you don’t think it’s a professional tool. Or because you have some other ignorant notion like it can’t do multicam editing , or you can’t drop clips at the end of a timeline like you used to do in Final Cut 7, or some other such nonsense. We go deep into workflow and how we each use it.

Bonus Episode

But for now, I want to give you this special bonus episode. Think of it as a special feature. We don’t have the regular opening or closing and there won’t be any educational sponsor segments.

This is an excerpt from my 2+ hour call with Chris  where we discuss the use of sparse disk images, RAIDs, hard drives, and an opportunity for some innovative listener out there to earn $200!

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