Free Online 3-Day Summit for Cinematographers


The world of education has come a long way since I first learned how to wield a camera and slap together visuals and audio to tell a story with video. Nowadays you can learn just about everything you need online. FREE.

The latest entry to the online education for filmmakers is THE BIG LEAGUE CINE SUMMIT. It’s an amazing  cinematography event that is totally free for those that register now.

Some of the speakers are Hollywood veterans and DP’s that shoot Top Brand Commercials so the line up is incredible and the information presented looks to be a great opportunity. I was honored to be one of the presenters and I will be discussing “How to Define Your Signature Style”  and why having a signature style is crucial as an artist and how it can help you as a business/freelancer. Other presenters include Bruce Logan, Ryan Walters, Caleb Pike, Tom Antos and more. See the full list below. I’m humbled to be included in such company.

Don’t worry about missing out because it’s all delivered online so you won’t miss out as long as you attend December 10-12. Head on over to Big League Cine Summit and register while you still can.



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