StillMotion Takes a Stand


StillMotion is a studio known for creating emotionally moving stories with beautifully crafted visuals. They rose to fame with their award-winning wedding work. Ironically, it was a wedding they shot that was discovered by a woman who worked for the NFL. She recognized that their storytelling ability could be applied to the Super Bowl. So they were subsequently hired to shoot a Super Bowl video. The rest, as they say is history. Since then they have produced work for a number of international brands as well as cable networks.

Now they are dipping their toes into original content with the creation of #StandWithMe. It’s a documentary about the amazing story of Vivienne Harr, a  9-year-old girl who was moved by a photo of children in slavery. She committed to selling lemonade at a stand and use those profits to help free those children. StillMotion reached out to her family to see if they would be open to being the subject of a documentary. They said “yes.” Here is the trailer for that doc.

The #StandWithMe Tour

StillMotion is going all out on this film. They are taking the movie around the country, renting theaters on their own dime to show it. But they’re taking it one step further. They’re also are going to put on a training seminar for those interested in producing these kind of films. It’s a great opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business. Check out their blog to learn more.

Coming Soon to Crossing the 180

I had the pleasure to bring StillMotion co-founder Patrick Moreau ,as well as SM’s creative director in charge of original content, Grant Peelle, on my show to discuss the making of the film. It’s part of my StillMotion 2-parter, wherein part 1 I’ll have StillMotion filmmaker Joyce Tsang talking about what it’s like working their and how she went from StillMotion bride to a world-wide jet setting shooter.  Part 2 will be with Grant and Patrick going into more detail about the film. You won’t want to miss these.

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