Joyce Tsang of stillmotion – Crossing the 180 #109

gear-joyceI have a real treat for you this week. A special stillmotion double feature so to speak. If you’re a follower of the famed video production studio, then you know that yesterday they released the trailer for their very first feature movie, the documentary #standwithme. I had the pleasure to interview three employees from stillmotion to get an inside look at how the studio works. Today I have filmmaker and instructor Joyce Tsang. A little known fact is that Joyce was actually a stillmotion client before she was an employee. They shot the wedding of her and Ray (another stillmotion shooter). Joyce gives us some insight into how and why they ended up working for stillmotion, what it’s like working there, being a role model for other female filmmakers, and how life has changed for the team at stillmotion since working on the doc.

The next episode we’ll have Grant Peelle and Patrick Moreau, the co-directors of #standwithme. You won’t want to miss it.

Tips, Tricks and Education for Filmmakers

This week Mike Duval from LensProToGo talks about the incredible MoVI, a steady tracking device Vincent Laforet called a true “game changer.”


We’ve been talking about The People Plan throughout the year. Today I’m gonna give you some specifics as to what it actually is. I also replay a great interview with co-creator Michelle Loretta about hiring competitors.


Patrk Kizny from Ditogear is back to give us another mini-seminar or timelapse cinematography? Today is part 1 of him talking about the process of editing timelapse photography.

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