My New Five Dollar Video Service

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I hear a lot of videographers and other professional creatives complaining and whining about sites like Fiverr, where you can get “professional” creative services for only $5. Look people, this is the way of things. You can either bitch and complain, or you can go with the flow.

So as of today I’m excited to offer a new $5 Video Service called “Five Dolla’ Video.” Here’s what you get:

  • Up to 2 minutes of video production time. (You must meet me at my downtown Starbucks).
  • Shooting with barely crisp 720p HD iPhone 4 camera (white model)
  • 5 minute turn around time (we will email your video to you as soon as we stop rolling. No other video production company can match that turn around time).
  • A $2.50 deposit is due at time of contract signing (payable via Paypal). The balance is due prior to us emailing your video (we accept cash, credit, or or iTunes gift cards).
  • EDIT: This just in! For an additional $1.75 we’ll add Instagram filters. (Note: adding this feature doubles the turn around time. So please make sure you really need it, or at least can wait an extra five minutes).

A La Carte Services

You can enhance your video with these other video services:

  • If you actually need a well conceived and thought-out idea for your video from a professional with over a quarter of a century of business experience, you can get a creative brief for just $1500.
  • If you would like your video shot on a digital cinema camera as opposed to an iPhone, you can upgrade for as little as $250. (Add $600 if you need someone to actually man it).
  • Some clients actually need more time than the allotted two minutes. For as little as $600 you can upgrade to up to 4 hours of shooting. (Add another $500 if you want lights).
  • Some clients need professional quality editing, audio mixing and color grading. If that’s you, starting at only $1200 we can take the video we shot for you and make it amazing!

We at Dare Dreamer Media believe in the power of freedom. With our new “Five Dolla’ Video” service, you now can have the freedom to get the kind of video you deserve.

Operators are standing by. Just call 800-555-DOLLA.

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