The Top 5 Lessons Every Artist Can Learn from “A Christmas Story”

Who doesn’t love that holiday classic “A Christmas Story”, a Christmas fable about Ralphie Parker, a midwestern kid who just wants a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time.

But what you probably didn’t know was that this Christmas classic is also a great metaphor for what it takes to make it as a professional artist.

1. Dream Big.

The Red Ryder was the paragon of Christmas gifts. Every young boy’s dream.

2. Do whatever it takes to realize your dream.

It would be a hard road to get a Red Ryder. But nothing worth getting is gotten easy.

3. Don’t be afraid to display your art, no matter what people say or think.

People will make fun of you, make faces at you, and maybe even question your judgment. But art is subjective. Listen to your inner voice and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Even if your art really does suck. That is the only way you will grow.

4. Fight the inner demons that throw doubt on your value and self-worth.

There will be people who will tell you you’re no good. That your work and art is worthless. Heck, you may be the biggest downer on yourself. Don’t let those creative “bullies” break you down.

5. Persevere.

In the end, you may not get what you. Or you may get what you want, and you could end up “shooting your eye out.” (or the artistic equivalent). But regardless, persevere. Perseverance is the only way you will ever achieve anything of worth in art.

 What other lessons can you take away from this terrific tale?