My Top 5 Bold Predictions in 2015 #2 – 4K Becomes the New “HD”

Welcome to day 4 of my 5-part series on bold 2015 predictions. Here’s a quick recap:

#5 – VOD Explosion

#4 – Death of the Wedding DVD

#3 – Mirrorless Goes Mainstream

And today we have…

#4 – 4K Will Become the New “HD”

To truly understand what I mean by this, you had to have been in this industry in the early to mid 2000’s; right around the time high definition was starting to make its headway. At the time, you heard a lot of debate and grumbling in the industry about whether or not HD was going mainstream and whether or not videographers should start shooting in HD. In retrospect, it almost seems silly that this was ever a debate. But I remember reading long and drawn-out debates on the popular boards of the day about the topic. Kind of like what we’re seeing today with regards to 4k. (What’s that popular sci-fi saying: “All this has happened before, and all of this will happen again.”)

In 2015, more and more of you will be shooting in 4k. Not necessarily because your clients will be asking for it, but by sheer peer pressure o be frank. But also because the benefits of shooting in 4k and delivering in HD (either 1080p or 720p) are too great. Some argue that shooting in 4k and downscaling to HD increases the color space and bit-depth (making your 420 footage 444). There is mathematical evidence to support this. But the most logical advantage is just the ability to recompose higher resolution shots. Interviews shot in 4k can yield wide, medium and close-up angles all in the same shot. You kill three birds with one stone.

What This Means For You

If you haven’t already started shooting and editing in 4k footage, you owe it to yourself to start. Plain and simple.

What say you?

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