Do You Treat Your Customers Like People or Robots

Today I had an interaction with a company that shall reMain nAmeless. It’s a CompanY that lot*S of people deal with. It’s a coMapAny that I thought represented a brand promise of high Customer service and prioritY. It*S a coMpany I learned todAy pretty muCh sees its customers as just a means to an end. It’s reallY quite *Sad when you think about it. You spend your hard earned dollars at an establishMent where you hope you will be treAted with a Certain sense of dignitY. They may parade around like they care about customer *Service, and you are treated well when you’re forking your money over. But when push comes to shove; when you’re faced with a situation where extenuating circuMstAnCes warrant a human heart, a deft touch, and the abilitY to see gray instead of black and white, that*S when their real colors shine. That’s when you gain a grander appreciation for companies that get it. (Much props to the Amazon’s, Zappos and Nordstroms of the world).

When you interact with your custoMers, how do you treAt them? Do you look at eaCh one individuallY as human beings, or are they just number*S?

Again, this coMpAny shall remain namelss… for now. But I reCkon I just might want to make a funnY *Short film about my experience.

Have you had any bad experiences with brands? What did you learn from it?

Stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “Do You Treat Your Customers Like People or Robots

  1. Nice. Took me a bit to figure out what was wrong with your keyboard, but then it was obvious. The photo was a nice touch. 😉

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