Dan Wieden on Brands, Ideas and Storytelling

Dan Wieden is the CEO, co-founder, and creative director for one of the world’s most iconic brand and ad agencies, Wieden+Kennedy (Nike, Old Spice, Coke). In this Shoulders of Giants video, Dan shares some great insight on branding, ideas, being real with clients, passion, and what’s in store for the future.

A few of my favorite take-aways:

  • A brand is a human relationship.

“If a brand isn’t human, it’s not really worth shit.”

  • Sometimes what looks like a flower is a weed, and what looks like a weed is a flower.
  • Put everything on the table. Forget who’s client and who’s agency and ask, “Is this thing working?”

I encourage you to watch the whole video to gleans the rest of his sage advice. I particularly like what he says at the end.

Saturday Matinee

This is my first in what I plan will be a weekly series of blog posts called “Saturday Matinee” (#SatMat), where I find some inspiring short film or video then share a few take-aways. My hope is to curate some content “off the beaten path”. Most of them won’t be the Vimeo staff picks with 250,000+ views or the YouTube viral video phenoms. They may be small, but they’ll pack a powerful punch. I want #SatMats to be a source of new education and inspiration for you.

If you find a film or video you think would be a good candidate, email me. Also, let me know what you think about what Dan shared.

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