James Victore on Finding Your Style

Today’s Saturday Matinee comes courtesy of New York designer, speaker and artist James Victore. James has a weekly Q&A video series called “Burning Questions” and in this installment, he answers the question “How do I find my voice? My style?” Although the video and audio quality is not up to snuff for what I know my audience is accustomed, I chose this video for today’s #SatMat because of the content. This idea of “finding your voice” and determining your style is one I’ve been extremely interested in as of late. I think you’ll find his insights inspiring. Check it!


Here were my key take-aways from this video:

  • We often hear our voice, but ignore the signs. Heed the signs.
  • Stop looking at other people’s successes.
  • Learn everything. Then forget it. Then design.
  • Do the work. Stuff takes time.

If you get a chance, also check out James’ 99u presentation¬†about the importance of finding your voice to create great work.

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