The Importance of Story When Communicating Your Brand

Given the response to my “Hero’s Journey” article last week, I thought this would be a perfect article to re-post. Originally posted March 5, 2012. 


This past January we had the honor to shoot another one of the local Creative Mornings presentations held at the Atlanta chapter. January’s presenter was Matt Rollins, creative director and partner at Iconologic, a high-end brand design firm with such clients as Coca-Cola and the International Olympic Committee. Matt’s presentation was about how people interpret all of our experiences in life as stories, and how as professional creatives we need to be aware of that. Whether we like it or not, story is how we communicate and it’s through story  that people will look at your work.

One of the key take-aways for me was determining what the “story” is for your client’s brand, and how you will communicate that story over a period of time. If you have clients that bring you recurring business, think about all the ways the work you provide to them contributes to that story. If you have a commercial client, what kind of experiences will the work you provide for them provide for their clients? If you provide services to families the idea of “story” is even easier to grasp. What is the story of that family and how does your work play a part.

For your own brand, think about the experiences that your clients have with you. What stories will they tell about you?

This presentation is extremely insightful, especially for any of your who do work for other commercial clients. Below is a short preview of his presentation.

Here’s the full presentation:

3 thoughts on “The Importance of Story When Communicating Your Brand

    1. Great read Clint. Made me think of really funny or over the top commercials where you remember the commercial, but not the thing the commercial is selling. Thanks for sharing.

  1. Sue Bryce made this point yesterday at creativeLIVE. That’s what her whole last promo video was about–a story. Now to figure out the story for my business and how to tell it!

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