Good Stuff Coming to Our Facebook Page

fbrequestsFor years I’ve worked on building my personal Facebook page to where I’ve hovered around the 4500 “friends” mark for a year or so, trying to be strategic about which friend requests I accept since I’m reaching that infamous 5,000 friends limit. I have hundreds and hundreds of pending friend requests I just don’t do anything with because I don’t want to max myself out. In the meantime, I feel bad because there are so many people who’d like to connect with me that are just hanging in limbo.

So starting this week, I’m making a concerted effort to encourage people to move the conversation of filmmaking, photography, creativity, marketing and social media over to the official Dare Dreamer Mag Facebook page– For now I’ll still include blog posts on both my personal and DDMag Facebook sites. But eventually, I’d love to get to a point where my personal Facebook account will be used for personal posts, and the DDMag Facebook page (or other FB groups where I’m involved) where be the only place you’ll find blog shares.


Podcast Q&A

As I alluded to yesterday, we’re currently working on a couple of new podcasts. I think you will really dig them. One of them involves a Q&A segment where I and/or an industry expert answers your questions. I’m currently gathering questions from the audience at or via my SpeakPipe voicemail account. But, you’ll also be able to ask questions on the Facebook page as well. If you happen upon the page during the time I’m interviewing the guest, you’ll be able to submit a question live. If time permits, I may be able to get him/her to answer it. But to find out who the guest is, you’ll need to be on the page at the time of the interview.

Today I’m interviewing an industry veteran in the commercial video space. Check out the page to see who it is and submit your question to the Facebook post.

Contests, BTS, & Exclusive Tips & Tricks

Be on the look out for other educational, inspirational and engaging content on the page. We’ll have a “Guess the Guest” contest where you can win some cool prizes if you can guess who our mystery guests will be in any given week. (Hint: just because I interview someone in a particular week doesn’t mean that’s the week they go live. Interviews go live weeks later. So you could do some detective work and look at old Facebook page posts). We’ll post some BTS videos and photos from some cool film shoots coming up. And I’ll use the page to share some exclusive content as well.


At the end of the day, I want the page to be a community of creatives looking to connect with fellow artists, learn how to improve their career and craft, and be inspired to do great work. I hope you’ll join in the fun.