The Most Important Question You Can Ask Your Client

Feature image scene from “Saving Private Ryan” (c) Paramount Pictures and Dreamworks SKG 

The most important question you can ask your client is this:

What is the objective of this video (or photo, marketing campaign, etc.)?

A general wouldn’t lead his team into a battle without knowing which hill to take.

A traveler wouldn’t set out on a journey without knowing where she wanted to go.

A screenwriter wouldn’t write a script without knowing how he wanted the story to end. (unless they worked on LOST. 😉

So why are so many of you creating content for your clients without knowing what you want that content to accomplish?

Knowing the objective for any project…

  • Allows you to make the right creative decisions
  • Establishes guard rails and guideposts to keep the project on the right course
  • Allows you to prioritize
  • Gives you parameters by which you and your client can measure success

If you’re starting a project, and you don’t know the answer to this question, it’s like running an obstacle course blindfolded.