Lecrae’s “Welcome to America” Music Video Shot on Black Magic’s Pocket Camera

I was in Atlanta last weekend and had the opportunity to hang out with Isaac Deitz. Isaac is an award-winning filmmaker who’s been making videos in the music business for over ten years. His made a number of music video for Grammy-award winning rapper Lecrae. I chose Lecrae’s “Welcome to America” (shot and edited by Isaac) as this week’s Saturday Matinee for 4 reasons:

  1. Isaac will be an upcoming guest on a special project we’re producing (stay tuned.)
  2. Given the events in South Carolina this week (as well as what’s been going down in this country over the past year),  I thought this video was apropos.
  3. Isaac shot most of this video on Black Magic’s Pocket Camera. It’s a huge testament to what can be done with an inexpensive camera.
  4. All the people you see and events are real. It’s sort of like a music video documentary. Read about the stories here.

5 thoughts on “Lecrae’s “Welcome to America” Music Video Shot on Black Magic’s Pocket Camera

  1. I’ve never been a fan of rap or hip hop, but my god that was good — both the song and the video. A perfect marriage of music and images.

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