Limit Yourself and Stretch Your Creativity – Cont.

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I recently interviewed three extremely talented filmmakers for a new series I’m producing–Isaac Deitz, Chris Fenner, and Dan Duncan. We were talking about the music video Isaac recently produced for Grammy-award winning hip-hop artist Lecrae. The video was predominantly shot on a Blackmagic Pocket Camera.

That led to a discussion about the power of limitations to stretch one’s creativity.

Have you ever been in a situation where extreme limitations pushed your creativity to new levels? How did it happen? What did you learn?

Some of my favorite projects (either personal or for clients) have come out of limitations or obstacles I’ve encountered.

One such project was this film I made about me and my wife’s trip to Paris for our 10 year anniversary. All I had was a T2i, a nifty-fifty (which on a T2i is the equivalent of a weighty-eighty 🙂 ), and a Flip. In both the shooting and editing my creativity was stretched.

Tell Me Your Story

I’d love to hear your story. Stories of how obstacles or limitations pushed you to creative heights.  Submit your story below and I might share it here on the blog or contact you for an interview to be included in the series I’m producing. It doesn’t have to be about a film project. It can be any kind of project: video; photo; music; business; whatever.

2 thoughts on “Limit Yourself and Stretch Your Creativity – Cont.

  1. Love this whole idea and concept and will be eagerly waiting as you post more. To be honest, I’ve always used limitations as excuses. “I don’t have the right lenses, so I can’t shoot this or that.” “I don’t have sound gear so I can’t do a short.” But those really are just excuses, with the gear I have, I could create a lot, as is clear with your brilliant doccu of your wife’s trip! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    1. Thanks for sharing Paul. We’ve all been there, for sure! I have used limitations as an excuse too. Sometimes I still do. I’m trying to change that.

      That isn’t to say that there aren’t some times when a particular limitation or obstacle truly can’t be overcome, but I believe more of them can be overcome than we artists care to admit. 🙂

      Thanks again for sharing.

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