Get Off Automatic and Be Intentional In Your Life

Feature image © Antoine Meu on Flickr. CC BY-SA 2.0

Have you ever gone to the gas station and meant to get the 87-grade fuel but instead picked up the more expensive 92? Why? Because those money-grubbing oil companies know that most of us are so used to grabbing for the cheaper 87-grade on the far left, they started putting the more expensive grade there, knowing most of us won’t notice.

Or you ever turn left out your driveway instead of right because 9 times out of ten that’s where you go? (Causing you to use up more gas which results in going to the aforementioned gas station a tad earlier than normal.)

Ever put body wash in your hair instead of shampoo because the managers at the local gym switched where the bottles sat on the shower shelf?

(Ever share just one too many personal tidbits on your blog?)

My friend and author, coach and speaker Dane Sanders had a term for this: being on automatic. It’s when you  go through life a slave to your habits. In many cases, not even being aware you’re not doing what you should be doing in that moment because your mind is elsewhere or your habit is engaged. You’re on automatic.

Change your transmission and get off “automatic.” Live in the moment and be present. It will make you a better boss; a better colleague; a better friend; a better spouse; a better artist; and will help you break through barriers and take your craft and your career to new heights.