Video by YouTuber “My Pale Skin” is Simply Beautiful

I’m a huge fan of simple videos and films that pack a powerful punch. The latest one that’s gone viral is this video by YouTuber “My Pale Skin“, and today’s Saturday Matinee. ¬†She started her blog and YouTube channel to give makeup tutorials and inject herself with self-confidence. She has a severe acne problem, so makeup has been a way for her to hide her facial scars and feel better about herself. She wanted to help other girls do the same.

Then she did an experiment where she posted images of herself without makeup online. As you can imagine, the feedback was not kind.

But in an amazing display of agency and self-esteem, she took those comments, and made this video. I love it for two primary reasons:

  1. Simple execution with a powerful impact
  2. Powerful message with an emotional punch

Most of her videos have somewhere between 20,000 and 80,000 views, with a few getting into the low 6-figure range. That’s nothing to sneeze at. But this video has over 3.4 million as of Friday night, July 3. Just two days after posting. I guess it struck a chord.

I hope it inspires you–not only to embrace the power of simplicity, but to embrace your own strength and beauty.