Help Us Pick the Official Name of Our New Podcast

We’re gearing up for the launch of a brand new show. A podcast unlike anything you’ve heard in the visual arts industry. I talk about it in more detail on The Go Creative Show. But you can also read about it

The show will have various segments:

  • Cinemaverick: A Filmmaker’s Journey: a radio documentary that in season 1 will look into the topic “finding your voice as a filmmaker and developing a signature style.” Season 1 will primarily be my journey, as I recount poignant stories and engage in conversations and roundtable discussions with filmmakers from Hollywood to “Bollywood”. Future seasons will follow the journeys of other filmmakers.
  • War Stories: Anecdotes and lessons from the Frontlines of Filmmaking: BTS soundbites from my film shoots; personal audio diaries; stories from other filmmakers, both guests and those submitted by you.
  • Movie Memories: touching and poignant excerpts from filmmakers and laypeople sharing their earliest cinematic memories. Share yours.
  • How to Be a Black Filmmaker in the 90s: pretty much what it sounds like. Expect lots of laughter as I and my friend and indie filmmaker JD discuss our crazy filmmaking adventures during the decade of colorful clothing and high-top fades.
  • And more segments will be introduced as the show develops.

The core of the show will be Cinemaverick: A Filmmaker’s Journey. This was actually the originally planned title for the whole show. But I felt like it wasn’t necessarily capturing the whole essence. I came up with Radio Film School because it succinctly captures in essence what the show is about: audio based inspiration, education and entertainment for the aspiring filmmaker. I also think when potential listeners are perusing through iTunes, Radio Film School will instantly make sense. But Cinemaverick: A Filmmaker’s Journey has a certain “romantic” appeal. So…

I need your help

Could you take 2 minutes (or less) to fill out this survey. It’s just two questions: which name you like best and why.


The Guest Line Up

By the way, we have an amazing line-up of guest interviews and/or roundtable discussions recorded, and many more amazing ones on the way. People like Ryan Connolly, Ryan Booth, Ray Roman, Philip Bloom, Brandon McCormick, P. of StillMotion, Slashfilmcast co-host Jeff Cannata, Lecrae music video director Isaac Deitz, Kevin Shahinian, Chris Tomlin music video director Nathan Corona, and Legends of the Knight director Brett Culp. These are just a few of the amazing filmmakers I encounter on my adventure.

But we won’t just interview filmmakers. Artists from multiple genres will be weighing in. Photographers. Designers. Musicians. Even 10-year-old Lego Masters. 😉

And don’t expect the usual interview-style show. As a radio documentary, we’ll be bouncing back and forth among the various interviews, extracting the appropriate excerpts for the topic being discussed on any one episode. We may spend a whole episode discussing the “style” of Quentin Tarantino where you may hear excerpts from 4 or 5 different filmmakers. That combined with in-studio voice over, cool music, and atmospheric sound design will make for an auditory sensory experience of cinematic proportions!

Stay tuned for more.

P.S. Also be on the look-out for The Solo Creative podcast. You can read about that also at