Gary Vaynerchuk On Why He’s Not Answering Your Email

Today’s Saturday Matinee is yet another Gary Vaynerchuk short. This one is more of a vlog post he did addressing why he’s not answering everyone’s emails.

To give context, Gary has prided himself on being the “every man’s” entrepreneur. He started a show where he answers viewers’ questions. He often talks about going deep vs. going wide (i.e. foster deep relationships with a few people vs. trying to create an expansive reach where you have little to no connection with anyone). And he genuinely attempts to answer as many of the thousands of emails he gets…daily.

But even Gary realizes that is not a sustainable model. The new media marketing agency he started a few years ago has grown from 2 people to overĀ 520 employees. He still has a hand in his previous company Wine Libary. And he runs a venture capital and investment company. To top it all off, he has a wife and kids he wants to stay connected with. Simply, put, he can’t continue to be as connected and “deep” with everyone as he’d like. So he recorded this heartfelt message to his loyal fans and followers.

I give much respect to Gary for what he’s done and continues to do. And I think this message is a great reminder to all of us. We all need to learn to say “no” a lot more than we do. (I more than anyone is guilty of the yes virus).

What do you think of Gary’s message?