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Like father, like son.

When I was about 7 or 8 years old, my dad gave me an 8mm film camera. It was the coolest thing. I promptly went out and shot my very first movie. It was a time-traveling crime caper about a thief who used a magic clock to travel through time to steal old and expensive artifacts. My hapless little brother was the star (as if he had a choice) and we filmed “on location” at Disneyland, using the different lands to represent different time periods.

It would be over 16 years later before I pursued filmmaking in earnest. I had a business degree from Cal Berkeley and was working as a real estate appraiser  in 1992. I needed a creative outlet. I was inspired to make a comedy about a funny experience that happened to me while at Berkeley.  So I enrolled into the Film & TV program at De Anza College in Cupertino, CA. I immediately fell in love with all things filmmaking.

Time went on and I continued along a business career working in the software development world: first for Screenplay Systems (creators of Movie Magic software) and then later at Intuit where I worked as a business marketing manager for Quicken. But my love for filmmaking was always there as I made fun and funny short flms on the side.

But then my good friend and fellow filmmaker JD Cochran asked me that fateful question one January evening, 2002.

JD: “So Ron, what do you want to do with your life?”

Me: “I would really like to make a feature film some day.”

JD: “Okay. Cool. Cool. So, uh, how you goin’ to do that at Intuit?”

That was it. The question that changed my life. I knew it was time to take a chance. Five months later I quit my cush, 6-figure salary to pursue my passion.

The rest, as they say, is history.

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Little Known Fact

  • I used to dance on a semi-professional Lindy Hop troupe that once performed at Carnation Plaza at Disneyland.

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I’ve had the honor to write for and/or appear on a number of industry magazines, blogs and podcasts. Here are a few:


Written Contributions

Contributor to PPA Magazine:

Contributor to Planet5D

Contributor to EventDV Magazine.

Guest blog post on Peachpit.com about Documentary filmmaking. Click here.

Guest blog post on Zacuto.com, “So You Wanna Be a Filmmaker” Part 1 and Part 2

4-part guest post on Scott Bourne’s PhotoFocus blog. “Primer for Still to Video Shooters.” Part 4 (from here are links to parts 1-3 also).

3 thoughts on “About Ron Dawson

  1. Filmspotting is my favorite podcast also. It’s the first I ever listened to… way back when they began (when it was Sam & Adam). Always great film discussion/debate and interesting POVs. I also love Elvis Mitchell’s The Treatment (as far as film is concerned)… and, This American Life for unparalleled storytelling.

    I think we’ll have LOTS to talk about the day we meet, Ron. 🙂

  2. Idont know if this will be read yet alone replied too, but im pretty creative savv myself, and have always wanted to pursue in writing screenplays, directing and creating captive cinematics for the people too enjoy . I have even considered moving away work closer to big time producers and just maybe. But thats all just happy hoping. Lately , getting older and such, i have made an executive decision to start school. With a small amount of research i found paralegals were paid good money’s and i enrolled in evergreen. But too get to my point, Is de anza worth it? I would be paying with financial aid . Is that even possible for the courses i want ? Oh . I wish..

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