Submitting Your Film

Do you have an amazing film or video you’ve produced that you think our readers would enjoy? Then let me know about it. Use the form below to submit your film and share your story.

Remember, the purpose of this site is not just to show off. It’s to educate and inspire. So I am looking for films that are different. Films that have some aspect of the filmmaking process that we don’t see every day. If I blog about it, it will be because I think it rises above the usual fair. You may have a technically accurate, breathtakingly beautiful wedding film. But I’ve seen hundreds of wedding films like that. Why should I blog about yours? That needs to be abundantly clear. Take a look at some of my other blog posts about other people’s work. See what I was looking for there, then determine if your project is worthy.

Are you ready?


  • Unfortunately due to personal and professional time constraints, there is no way I can respond to every submission. Don’t take it personally if I don’t blog about your video. When possible I will try to offer feedback. In any case, feel free to make multiple submissions. I WANT great videos to blog about. So, don’t feel like a burden if your submit more than once, twice, etc.
  • Make sure any videos you submit have the proper rights clearances (e.g. no copyrighted music, etc.)
  • I may ask YOU to write the guest blog post.

Happy shooting.