Be Inspired

© Justin W. Moore |CC by 2.0 |
© Justin W. Moore | CC by 2.0 |

The purpose of this blog isn’t just to educate, but it’s also to inspire you. You can easily get access to all the inspirational posts on this blog by clicking on the “Inspiration” tab in the menu. But, there are a few choice morsels that are worth setting aside. Videos which will move you, give you ideas, and hopefully encourage you to go and be the best artist you can be.

  • Dream • Create • Inspire Film Series: three short cinematic documentaries that look at these topics through the eyes of a 14 year-old aspiring musician and four other professional creatives: a creative director, a filmmaker, a film composer and an artist. Produced for our client Pictage.
  • The Building Blocks of Artistry: valuable lessons about being an artist from a 6-year-old and his Legos.
  • Creative Mornings: free coffee. Free food. Free inspiration. What more can you ask?