This is a short film series we created for our long-time client Pictage. The series was designed to be part of the CEO’s opening keynote address for their  annual PartnerCon Conference in 2009. The theme was Dream • Create • Inspire. The themes explored in this series represent so much what this online magazine is about.

Read the case study about the making of these films and the risks we took selecting non-photographers to be in a film series intended for an audience of photographers.

In Pursuit of Dreams

What does “to dream” mean to you?

The Creative Process

As told through the eyes of four different creative professionals.


Sometimes you have to remind yourself to breathe…

{“Breathe” spoken word written by Tasra Dawson, performed by Pedro Oliveira. The “inspire” film in the series.}

A cool tidbit of information about this piece we didn’t know at the time is that the word “breathe” is derived from the Greek word for “inspire.”

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