Business Coaching

I am passionate about helping companies and individuals discover their purpose and then communicate that purpose to the world.

I currently pursue that passion in three distinct ways:

  • In the films I create for my clients.
  • Through the education and inspiration I provide on this blog.
  • By providing 1-on-1 coaching with small businesses and professionals looking to take their business and/or career to the next level.

 What Sets My Coaching Apart

Dedication. Commitment. Customization.

What distinguishes my coaching from similar services is a dedicated commitment to learning about you as an individual, then customizing consultation and coaching specifically to you.

In addition to learning all I can about your business and its objectives, I will also help you learn about YOU. That’s right. An integral part of the process is getting you to truly understand the intersection of your strengths, passion and purpose and how those define your business success. You would be surprised about how much you DON’T know about yourself until you work with a coach who can help you discover that .

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20+ years of business experience, plus over 10 years as a professional video producer (including five years specifically in the event video world), will be applied to helping you maximize your business and enjoy the process. Because of the work I do and the process I will take you through, I only work with clients truly ready to change, committed to making hard choices, and investing in their future.

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