The Art and BUSINESS of DSLR Filmmaking

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I know there is no shortage of amazing resources on the web about shooting video with Canon’s line of DSLR cameras. One thing I think has been lacking from much of the discussion are practical strategies for small business photographers and videographers to adopt these tools. This course is perfect for event filmmakers, photographers, or other small studios who don’t have the budgets to buy steadicams, jibs, dollies, HDMI monitors, or stocking up on lenses that cost three times the body of the camera.

This was a DV Show 2-part webinar that has nearly THREE HOURS of invaluable information.

Part I: The Art

Part I of the series will be on the creative side of DSLR filmmaking:

  • “Story rules, it’s the talent not the tools!”
  • Picking lenses for shooting on sticks, stabilizers, etc.
  • “Bokeh Bonkers”: many people love the DLSRs for their shallow DoF and beautiful bokeh. But, bokeh can (and often is) over used. When and how should you use bokeh and selective focus. (Citizen Kane is famous for it’s use of DEEP depth of field shots!)
  • Focus on focusing: focusing can be a pain with these cameras. How to nail focus.
  • Audio: shooting with HD DSLRs is ironically like going back to the days of feature film. Audio should be recorded to a separate device. Ways in which you can do that, and when are the times you might want to use the in-camera audio.
  • Transcoding: you can’t edit native files from the camera. They need to be transcoded. The two most popular “flavors” are XDCAM and Apple’s ProRes. What should you consider for each.
  • The four key essentials every creative should know.
  • The mindset of the creative filmmaker
  • My favorite resources for inspiration
  • The Q&A session
  • The PDF of the Keynote presentation
  • An mp3 of the program to listen on the go.

Part II: The Business

Here’s where we get into topics you’ll seldom (if ever) find discuss elsewhere as it relates to this topic.

  • Rent vs. own and when it’s best to do each
  • How to market the new tech to your clients in a way that makes sense (benefit vs. features)
  • Pricing: the added workflow (from production to post) means that you shouldn’t charge the same amount for an HD DSLR shoot than you do for a SD shoot. Even a regular HD shoot. Depending on the project, you may need a bigger crew, which means more money needed. Also, you’ll definitely need more processing power and time, so post production should be more too.
  • Photography and Video: should you offer both? If so, how?
  • Hollywood is getting into the game too. What that means for you.
  • The Q&A session
  • The PDF of the Keynote presentation
  • An mp3 of the program to listen on the go.

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Here are just a few things you will learn:

  • How to build a powerful brand and use advertising effectively
  • Strategies to developing your business plan and making more money
  • Innovative methods for marketing, including social media networking (blogging, Facebook, Twitter) and new media approaches (video podcasts, YouTube)
  • Advice on breaking into the commercial world of video production
  • Practical skills for managing your time better, building a staff, and providing good customer support
  • Real-world lessons from companies that are successfully using the methods outlined in the book

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Below are the resources referenced in our book. Check back frequently, or follow me on Twitter, to get updates of new additions.

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ReFocus Work Log (right-click or control-click to save file to computer): use this FileMaker Pro database to track how much time you spend on different duties throughout the day (e.g. business development, marketing, admin, etc.)

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  1. Where are the tools referred to in the book that are supposed to be available on this page?

  2. Thank you for providing this resource. Great contribution to the current community and those just getting started.

  3. Hi Ron – I read your latest post which inspired me to get on the ball and get organized while I have two days left before 2010. I tried to open the links above/download the ReFocus Work Log and Edit Log but it didn’t work – any help would be great 🙂 Thanks for the motivation!

  4. Great and knowledgeable posting on wedding, event, or corporate video business. Wedding and any other event is very special in every one life. So it should be memorable.

  5. Hey Ron, I just wanted to send a word of thanks (appropriate since it is Thanksgiving week too 🙂 I bought your book in Feb of this year and devoured it! It really inspired me as I formalized my video business. Then I set the book down and life sent me a tidal wave… not of video business… just busy work from my “cubical” job and normal life stuff. Since then I have had a handful of video gigs and I have had some fun… but I realized that on the business side of things I have been extremely unfocused and overwhelmed (and overwhelm is the death of creativity). So… I dusted off the book and re-read it this week! I have to say it has really helped me. I went through and was able to identify problem area’s of my workflow and then “refocus” on the practical tips you have in your book to help me work more effectively. Sometimes you don’t realize you are stuck in a rut until someone comes along and says “Hey… whatcha doin in that rut? I’ll help ya get out.” I was amazed how things really hit me the 2nd time around! So again.. thank you for sharing your experience in your book. Keep up the inspiring work my friend!

    Dan Rollins

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