Are you starting, improving or expanding your senior portrait business?

This is what you are looking for.

bio image of Andy Bondurant owner of The Collective
This is the DVD set we produced for Senior Portrait Artists
I’ve worked alongside senior portrait photographers for close to 10 years. I’ve been married to a senior portrait photographer for 15+ years. Over the years, I’ve heard the same questions, comments and concerns time and again. Here is a sample of what I hear:
  • How do I make my images pop?
  • How do I get seniors in the door?
  • How do I sell enough to feed my family?
  • How do I know the trends and styles for the upcoming year?

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Photographers from around the country are asking the same things. They are young and old, new and veterans, successful and struggling.

I have a tool to answer your questions.

As co-owner of Senior Portrait Artists, I co-hosted an annual event designed to educate, encourage, and inspire. The most successful senior portrait artists from around North America converged to one beautiful location for multiple days to receive invaluable training in lighting, composition, posing, style, sales and marketing.

spa Event 2009 was held at the beautiful Red Rock Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, NV, and was one of our best years ever (over 500 people were in attendance!). We filmed, edited and packaged that training on DVD to help you create and run the senior portrait business you want.

There is so much great information, we had to put it on three discs!

The spa Event Training Series

Disc 1: On Location Shoots
spa Event training series disc 1Go on location with top photographers Bob and Krista Ashmun, Dave Humphrey, Ken Kneringer, Kevin Harrington, Chris and Tammie Billey, Tim Babin, and Fuzzy Duenkel as they walk you through creating award-winning and best-selling images.

They cover everything from on-location lighting, posing, composition, subject interaction, and more. It’s 90 minutes of unbeatable training from the best in the business.

Disc 2: SPA Business School – Part 1
spa Event training series disc 2It doesn’t matter how good your photography is if no one is buying it. If you’re doing this to make a living, then you need to have a keen business sense.

This disc has over 90 minutes of on stage presentations by Kia Bondurant, Nancy Nardi, John Ratchford, and an equally entertaining and educational experience by the wild man himself, Kirk Voclain. They cover marketing, sales, social media (e.g. Facebook, etc.), style, branding and so much more.

Disc 3: SPA Business School – Part 2 + Bonus Features
spa Event training series disc 3In Part 2 of the Business School, Sarah Smith and Julie Eckert of Kent Smith photography bring their collective 30+ years of knowledge in this business to an amazing presentation on the “touchpoints” of your business. In all the areas in which you interact with a client, from consultation to the shoot to final delivery, they give you the secrets which have helped their studio to be one of the most successful in the country.

This disc also includes a highlight video of the famous spa fashion runway show, as well as the video “My spa Experience.” We followed one group for a week at spa to see and experience spa Event up close and personal. It even includes a round table discussion by the group of their own best practices.

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