Taking the Path to Purpose

Only a life lived for others is worth living. ~ Albert Einstein Last night I attended my daughter’s induction ceremony into the national Beta Club. (Can we say “Proud poppa in the house!”) Anyway, I was never smart enough to be in Beta Cub. Well, let me re-phrase that. I never committed to school work […]

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Can Brands Have Second Chances?

Today is part two of an amazing educational event called Escalate Live. It’s being hosted by friend, colleague, client, and Fast Track Photographer author Dane Sanders. It’s a training seminar with some of the top photogs in the industry sharing their knowledge live via internet video. Yesterday, one of the speakers, the never too-bashful-to-say-how-he-feels Chris […]

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The Power of “ONE” Podcast

On Wednesday afternoon we posted a special early version of our weekly audio podcast for photographers, F-Stop Beyond. The purpose was to invite back past guests Jeff and Julia Woods, Steve and Jennifer Bebb, and Dane Sanders, to talk about their involvement with the Woodses’ ONE Conference, happening September 15-17. The episode was fun and […]

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