In Pursuit of the Truth

The firestorm of comments on my “haters gonna hate” post raised an issue that I think is prevalent in the industry: attacking one’s character or making an insinuation about one’s ethic without really knowing the person or their background. I’ve seen it done to others where I knew the background of the person attacked, and […]

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Jesh de Rox’s “Beloved” Webinar Ignites a Twitter Tempest

Update: After you have fun reading this, read the follow up commentary.*** Last night multi-award-winning Canadian wedding photographer and speaker Jesh de Rox unintentionally ignited quite a fire storm in the Twitterverse. Jesh gave a free webinar about his upcoming Beloved Collective: an educational forum to learn about his “experiential technique” to photography. At the […]

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WPPI Recap

This week has been such a whirlwind. My body is sore and I’m sick. That’s what happens when you run through a smoked filled casino every day, get barely any sleep, and are exposed to over 11,000 people from all over the world. But, it was definitely worth it. I had an opportunity this week […]

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